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Our Process

Our business model has been designed to provide a comprehensive solution to your permanent recruitment needs.


First things first

With some recruitment companies the process begins with you submitting a job description for the role you want to fill. And whilst this might work for quick fill positions our work will often start before any job descriptions have been written.

All of our staff understand the sector in which they operate and indeed many will have real world experience working in the sector and as such understand the qualities a candidate needs to excel.

This means that we can help get the job specification right and that there are no ambiguities.

Indeed we will often visit a client’s premises to get a feel for the organisation and its working dynamic as it’s not just about ensuring a potential candidate has the right qualifications and experience, we want to make sure that any candidates that we put forward are the right fit for your company in terms of their own goals, ambitions and work ethic.

Talent Search

Search & Selection

Not simply relying on posting adverts on job boards and waiting for potential candidates to make contact, we have invested in a variety of premium tools and our staff are trained to proactively seek out the best candidates and not rely on them responding to adverts.

Once we have identified potential candidates we will often meet with them face-to-face, getting to know them and not simply processing them for inclusion on our database. That way we get a better understanding of what they have to offer, what makes them tick and hence the type of role or company they would add most value to.

It’s key to our ability to identify the very best candidates, as opposed to simply giving the nod to those candidates who tick the right boxes and say “the right things”.



By the time we pass the candidate on for interview we will already have completed our own evaluation via telephone calls, face-to-face meetings and various other methods.

However we can also support our clients during the interview stage, helping put together suggested questioning, sitting in on interviews and offering feedback once the interview is complete.

This can be particularly useful if the interview has left you with unanswered questions, or if the interviewee didn’t come across as well as you might have expected (some people just aren’t very good at interviews).

Our staff are masters at making our candidates feel at ease, getting to know them, learning their strengths and weaknesses along with their short, medium and long term goals.


Once your interviews are complete we will discuss potential candidates with you and support you in negotiating the job offer.

9 out of 10 times we help our clients by making the offer to the candidate and dealing with any contract negotiations as it’s all about making the process as easy and stress free for both you and your candidates.

And our work doesn’t stop once the offer has been accepted, we can if required help with the gathering and verification of references as well as helping to ensure the candidate is prepped and ready for their first day of work, so you can sit back and relax, knowing there won’t be any hiccups.

Get in Touch

If you have any current staffing requirements please get in touch with us and we’ll show you how we can add value to the recruitment process.

If you are looking for a new challenge and would like our help finding your dream role, please get in touch with one of our team so we can start you on the road to your new job.

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